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. Where were the Palas ruling?

(a) Bengal

(b) Avadh

(c) Northern Deccan

(d) Southern Deccan

. Where were the Palas ruling? (a) Bengal (b) Avadh (c) Northern Deccan (d) Southern Dec..

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(a) Bengal

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Soft drink brank ?Fanta? is owned by 1 Pepsi 2 Coca Cola 3 Parle 4 Shaw Wallance

2 Answers   Coca Cola,

The biosphere of the earth comprises: (A) all the areas on the earth?s surface and the atmosphere around the earth where organisms live (B) the oceans of the earth (C) the upper crust of the earth where man, animals and other biological organisms thrive (D) the atmosphere where the micro organisms live

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Who among the following is regarded as the founder of Modern Germany? (A) Metternich (B) Bismarck (C) Cavour (D) None of these

3 Answers   Infosys,

. Why is it dangerous to have charcoal burning in a closed room? (a) Burning charcoal produces a poisonous gas called carbon monoxide (b) It consumes the whole of the oxygen and man cannot breathe (c) Smoke suffocates (d) None of these

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Which electromagnetic radiation is emitted by radioactive substances? 1 ?-rays 2 Radio waves 3 Micro waves 4 Frequency

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Cumulus clouds generally give: (a) torrential rain (b) steady and persistent rain (c) no rain at all

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Operation Vijay is concerned to (1) Oil seeds production (2) Tea-leaves production (3) Elimination of Terrorists (4) Complete literacy

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Which of the following is an antitank missile developed in India? 1 Nag 2 Trishul 3 Akash 4 Prithvi

1 Answers   Vizag Steel,

The Jarawa, tribals which were recently in the news recently are habitat of 1 Kavaratti 2 Andaman & Nicobar Islands 3 Nagaland 4 None of these

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The earth is farthest from the sun at a distance of about 94,500,000 miles on: (a) July 4 (b) June 22 (c) March 22

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What makes blood look red? A. White Corpuscles B. Haemoglobin C. Plasma D. Colour Secretion

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Who is the Chief Executive of Pakistan Cricket Club? (1) Imran Khan (2) Majid Khan (3) Salim Khan (4) Salman

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