Where do copper, gold, iron and coal respectively find in

(A) Kollar, Khetari, Kudremukh, Jharia

(B) Jharia, Kollar, Kudremukh, Khetari

(C) Kudremukh, Jharia, Kollar, Khetari

(D) Khetari, Kollar, Kudremukh, Jharia

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(D) Khetari, Kollar, Kudremukh, Jharia

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. In many developing countries, three major causes of death and disease are (a) Lack of safe drinking water, increasing use of pesticides and thinning of the ozone layer (b) Contaminated food, global warming and industrial chlorofluorocarbons (c) Polluted air, green house effect and soil erosion. (d) Dirty water, contaminated food and polluted air

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