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The human immuno deficiency virus (HIV) is a living entity

it can

1 Move from one cell to another

2 Undergo autoreproduction

3 Disturb host cell respiration

4 Excrete in human sperm

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The human immuno deficiency virus (HIV) is a living entity because it can 1 Move from one cel..

Answer / guest

(2) Undergo autoreproduction

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The human immuno deficiency virus (HIV) is a living entity because it can 1 Move from one cel..

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works of sbi

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Inspection and dissection of a body after death in human beings, as for determination of cause of death is called 1 Autograft 2 Autotomy 3 Autopsy 4 Autoesism

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. What was the belief of the terrorists in carrying on their activities? (a) Use of terror will help in making the country free (b) Britishers will not torture them (c) The congress cannot deliver the goods (d) None of these

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?Ramacharita? written by Sandhyakara Nandi in twelfth century A.D. was the 1 Story of Lord Rama in a popular poetic style in Oriya language 2 First translatioin of valmiki?s ramanaya into telugu language 3 Story of a love affair between a rich merchant of pataliputra and a beautiful courtesan 4 Story of the conflict between the kaivarta peasants and a pala prince

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. Why is fire extinguished by soda-bicarbonate? (a) Soda bicarbonate decompose on heating to produce carbon bioxide – gas which extinguishes fire (b) Soda bicarbonate serves as a blanket for fire (c) Soda bicarbonate releases water extinguishing fire (d) None of these

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Shahjahan rebelled against Jahangir because : (a) Jahangir did not like him (b) Jahangir wanted to send him away to he Deccan (c) Nurjahan wanted to place Shahryar, her own son-in-law, on the throne of Delhi (d) None of the above

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Planet Protection Fund was proposed by (1) Indira Gandhi (2) Maneka Gandhi (3) Rajiv Gandhi (4) U.N.

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Which one of the following organisms can serve as a biofertilizer for rice crop? (a) Blue-green algae (b) Rhizobium sp (c) Mycorrhizal fungi (d) Azotobacter sp

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The President shall have the power to grant paradons, reprieves, respites or remissions of punishment or to suspend, remit or commute the sentence of any person convicted of any offence in all cases where the punishment or sentence is (a) For life (b) A sentence to death (c) For any offence against any law relating to matter to which the executive power of the Union extends (d) In all these cases

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The number of Lok Sabha seats allocated for the State of Jharkhand is 1 20 2 14 3 11 4 5

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For the propagation of the Buddhistic faith, Ashoka appointed new officers of the name of : (a) Rajukas (b) Yutas (c) Amtyas (d) Dharmamahamatras

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Most soluble in water is 1 Camphor 2 Sugar 3 Sulphur 4 Common salt

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