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Which enzyme converts milk into casein?

1 Pepsin

2 Lipase

3 Trypsin

4 Renin

Which enzyme converts milk into casein? 1 Pepsin 2 Lipase 3 Trypsin 4 Renin..

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(4) Renin

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Diamond and emerald are made of (1) Carbon (2) Silica (3) Silica and beryllium (4) Carbon and beryllium

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Which of the following is the name launched of the multipurpose satellite that India launched recently from Kourou, French Guyana? 1 INSAT-2B 2 INSAT-2A 3 Kalpana-VI 4 None of these

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Alauddin caused a city to be built in the suburb of Delhi, the name of which was: (a) Daulatabad (b) Fatehpur Sikri (c) Siri (d) Shajahanabad

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Man cannot digest cellulose whereas cows can do so because 1 Their gut contains bacteria capable of digesting cellulose 2 They have a many-chambered stomach 3 They have efficient grinding molars 4 They produce an enzyme cellulose which can digest cellulose

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The term ?athwart? in sailing means: (a) in with the wind (b) into the breeze (c) across (d) downward

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The practice of military governorship was first introduced in India by the (a) Greeks (b) Shakas (c) Parthians (d) Mughals

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What does the acronym CTBT stand for? 1 Continued Test Ban Treaty 2 Commercial Test Based Traiff 3 Continue Test Based Treatment 4 Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty

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?Sagar-Samrat? is the name of India?s first : (a) merchant ship (b) cargo ship (c) mobile off-shore drilling platform (d) Naval ship built in the country

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Anastasia Myskina became the first Russian woman to win which of the following titles recently? 1 French Open Tennis 2 US Open Tennis 3 Wimbledon 4 None of these

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please tell me the name of the book or any other source from where i can prepare general awareness questio for bank po post..please help id is

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A coin is dropped at refractive index of 4/3. The real depth of coin is 28cm. The coin would be apparently appear to be at the depth of 1 80 cm 2 25 cm 3 20 cm 4 21 cm

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Which brand/company uses the ad line ?We know India better?? 1 Max New York Life Insurance 2 LIC of India 3 Amul 4 Bajaj

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