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. The highest mil producing breed of goat in India is

(a) Barbari

(b) Jamnapari

(c) Black Bengal

(d) Beetal

. The highest mil producing breed of goat in India is (a) Barbari (b) Jamnapari (c) Black B..

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(b) Jamnapari

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Who started Bhoodan Movement? (A) Rabindranath Tagore (B) Vinoba Bhave (C) Jawaharlal Nehru (D) Jayaprakash Narayan

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Indian agriculture sector provides: (a) livelihood to about 64% of the labour force (b) contributes nearly 26% of the GDP (c) accounts for about 18% share of the total value of India?s export (d) all the three above

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As compared to 1995-96, the coal production in India during 1996-97 registered a growth of about?. 1 3% 2 4% 3 4.5% 4 6%

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The earliest inscriptions relating to the history of Andhra Pradesh are in this language: (1) Tamil (2) Sanskrit (3) Telugu (4) Prakrit

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Kanchanamala is a famous (1) Telugu Poetess of Modern Andhra (2) Lady Minister in the canbinet of T.Prakasam (3) Telugu cinema heroine of yester years (4) Andhra sports woman of international fame

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Iodine must be added to common salt in order to: (A) help the body produce make blood (B) help the body eliminate toxins (C) help in the development of a healthy brain (D) All of the above

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The heart of human embryo starts beating 1 In the first week of its development 2 In the third week of its development 3 In the fourth week of its development 4 In the sixth week of its development

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The most abundant source of iron is (A) Milk (B) Green vegetables (C) Eggs (D) Beans

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Who is the present Chief Election Commissioner of India?

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Beighton Cup is awarded for which sport? 1 Hockey 2 Cricket 3 Golf 4 Volleyball

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Which of the following is nto an ore of aluminum ? a) Feldspar b) Bauxite c) Cryolite d) Azurite

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how many branches are there in bank of india?

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