Who is the Chairperson of the Indira Gandhi National Centre
for the Arts (IGNCA)?

1 L.M.Singhvi

2 Sonia Gandhi

3 Sushma Swaraj

4 Vijayanhthimala Bali

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Answer / dipankar gorain

kapila vatsyagan

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Answer / guest

(2) Sonia Gandhi

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Answer / mohd

Sonia Gandhi

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The blood group known as the universal recipient (1) A (2) B (3) O (4) AB

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The proceeds of the India Resurgence Bond with NRI?s as a major contributor is used for (a) returning loans taken from World Bank and IMF (b) strengthening Foreign Exchange reserves (c) investment in infrastructure sector (d) Meeting Defence expenditure

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The blue coloured blood of this marine creature is used to test safety of drugs. It is found abundantly along Orissa coast?. The given description fits 1 Scorpion 2 Sepia 3 Cattle fish 4 Horse shoe crab

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The government of which of the following States in India has asked the private industries to adopt Government run primary health centres and taluka/district hospitals so that better health care facilities can be provided to the public? 1 Gujarat 2 Maharashtra 3 West Bengal 4 Tamil Nadu

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In which of the following years Mrs. Indira Gandhi was sworn in as Prime Minister of India? (A) 1978 (B) 1979 (C) 1980 (D) 1981

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. Which one of the following is INCORRECT in respect of Parliamentary control over the Budget? (a) Parliament has no say in the preparation of the budget (b) Parliament has the power to increase expenditure charged on the Consolidated Fund (c) Parliament has no power to impose a tax without the President’s recommendation (d) Parliament has no power to increase a tax without the President’s recommendation

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