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what is software quality assurance?

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what is software quality assurance? ..

Answer / winrunner

Software QA involves the entire software development process
-monitoring and improving the process,making sure that any
agreed-upon standards and procedures are followed,and
ensuring that problems are found and dealt with.It is
oriented to prevention?

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what is software quality assurance? ..

Answer / mala

Tesing is also called verification, it is one part of QA.
QA is also called validation. where in the process is
responsible for the entire software development activity to
maintain a standard process like CMMI, PSP etc

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what is software quality assurance? ..

Answer / vivek

Quality assurence ensures quality of process used to create
quality of the product.
1. It deals process
2. It aapplies to entire life cycle
3. It is preventive

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what is software quality assurance? ..

Answer / baba

QA's aim is to avoid bugs in software

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