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1. What is the most critical bug you found
2. Consider a moblie phone : when you save the number, the
number gets saved under a different name . What is the
priority and severity of the bug
3. Write code for binary search

1. What is the most critical bug you found 2. Consider a moblie phone : when you save the number, t..

Answer / deep

You should be prepared for this question from your previous
testing experience .Give example of sev1 pri1 defect that
were blocking for further testing .Also you can give example
of sev2-pri2 defect.

For the defect in question , Severity and priority should be
2-2 , because for incoming call wrong name will be displayed
and while calling from phone book , intended person may not
be called .This is hampering functionality of Caller id and
calling from phone book (User will be paying for wrong call)

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