A/B = 3/5 15A = ?

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A/B = 3/5 15A = ?..

Answer / guest


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A/B = 3/5 15A = ?..

Answer / sai_2990

*3 SO,

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A/B = 3/5 15A = ?..

Answer / sudha


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A/B = 3/5 15A = ?..

Answer / uday

9 B

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A/B = 3/5 15A = ?..

Answer / prashanthkumar.dv

=> A/B = 3/5
=> 5A = 3B

15A = ?

So Multiply 3(5A) = 3(3B)

15A = 9B

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A/B = 3/5 15A = ?..

Answer / haleem


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