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Morgan Stanley Interview Questions
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What is a binary semaphore? What is its use?

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There are 9 coins. Out of which one is odd one i.e weight is less or more. How many iterations of weighing are required to find odd coin?

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The element being searched for is not found in an array of 100 elements. What is the average number of comparisons needed in a sequential search to determine that the element is not there, if the elements are completely unordered?

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How many nuber of controls are there in form?

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what is repo rate?

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Is it passive or active when check and uncheck the box of DISTINCT in Sorter transformation? why?

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At a particular time, the value of a counting semaphore is will become 7 after (a) 3 v operation (b)3 p operation (c) 5 v operation and 2 p operation (d)13 p operation and 10 v operation

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How to calculate the ups battery back up? give the formula.

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What is the QIS Report? what is the use of QIS Report in brief?

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please tell me debit credi entry , in respect of salary advance and how to deduct,advance paid to employee

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Morgan Stanley Interview Questions
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