What is the main purpose of Malichite Green?

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Answer / amir tamboli

malichite green is basic stain which is easily retain by
acid forming bacteria and endospore forming bateria.on heat
fix stain retain by bacteria not by spore so it help to
identify endospore forming bacteria.it is also use for
monochrome staining.

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Answer / dilip teja

malichite green is a stain which is used to seperate acid
positive bacteria from acid negative bacteria.
when bacteria are repeatedly washed with acids and if u
apply malichite green the acid positive bacteria
immediately changes their colour to green and appear
clearly where as gram negative bacteria are not stained
with malichite green.

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Answer / tarak chakraborty

'Malachite green, also called aniline green, basic green
4', diamond green B, or victoria green B, IUPAC name:4-[(4-
dimethylaminophenyl)-phenyl-methyl]-N,N-dimethyl-aniline is
a toxic chemical primarily used as a dye. When diluted, it
can be used as a topical antiseptic or to treat parasites,
fungal infections, and bacterial infections in fish and
fish eggs. It is also used as a bacteriological stain.

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Answer / suresh kumar ponnada

for staining specially for spores

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Answer / udayasree

used for enzyme assay of orthophosphatase

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Answer / kiran

Malichite Green (also known as diamond green B or victoria
green B) can be used as a blue-green counterstain to
safranin in the Gimenez staining technique for bacteria. It
also can be used to directly stain spores.

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Answer / md.shoebullah

Malachite green is effective against fungi and gram-positive bacteria. In the fish-breeding industry it has been used to control the fungus Saprolegnia, a water mold that kills the eggs and young fry

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Answer / eadembalaraju

it is a dye generally used for the cpsule containing

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