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what is a scope?

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what is a scope? ..

Answer / skraju

Scope is nothing but we r identifying what we will test and
what we will not test.
ex: In client side computer the hardware configuration is
minimum supporting configuration to the standard

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what is a scope? ..

Answer / sudhakar8

Sope specifices what is test ? and what not test ?

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what is a scope? ..

Answer / chowdary

scope means performance ,application how much efficient it
is we can say in tghe form of scope

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what is a scope? ..

Answer / guest

scope means boundaries of the project.

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what is a scope? ..

Answer / nilanjan

Scope for an application means what you can test,according come up with possible scenarios , generally known as In-Scope for Testing. Ans those can't be tested that is Out of Scope.

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