What r the different testing techniques other than BVA and

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Answer / shyamala

Decision Table Testing and State Transition Testing are the
other types.

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Answer / ambili

BVA,EQP, and Error Gussing are Black box testing
techniques. There are white box testing techniques also
there they are , Path coverage, condition coverage , Loop
Coverage etc.

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Answer / manish1808

One of them is Error guessing which is generally done by
experienced people

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Answer / rahul singh

There are 3 different testing technique
1 Error Guessing (Here we try all the possible input in optimized way)
2 Equivalence partition which is further classifies as
Pressman Technique (Here we test the the field with 1 valid and 2 invalid input if it
accept a range of value)
Practice method (Here we test the the field with 1 valid and 2 invalid input for both the
condition so that to cover all possible condition if it accept a range of value)
3 Boundary Value Analysis - (Here we test the the field with Condition A and condition B along with condition A-1, A+1 , B-1, B+1 .
accept a range of value)

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Answer / santhosh kumar

There are 7 techniques are
1. char/numericals/alphanumerical/special char check
2.mandatory/nonmandatory check
3.null/notnull check
4.format check
5.error guessing.
other than bvp and eqp. these techn are used for deriving the test data from our business rules.

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Answer / bhanu

Functionality Testing, Usability Testing, Navigation
Testing, Forms Testing, Page Content Testing, Configuration
and Compatibility Testing, Reliability and Availability
Testing, Performance Testing,
Load Testing,Stress Testing, Security Testing.

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