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which process u followed in ur company?

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which process u followed in ur company?..

Answer / raj

Shailaja , every company has followed SDLC process only ,

particularly they asking which type of SDLC process u hav
followed .

Currently i have using water fall model .

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which process u followed in ur company?..

Answer / krrish

In our company we follow V-Model like Model,In whcih
document level testing starts from Business Requirment
Documents with formal imfromeal review meetings will be
going on till end if the process

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which process u followed in ur company?..

Answer / shailaja

we fallowed SDLC process in our company

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which process u followed in ur company?..

Answer / pravin

Every company follow Software development life cycle process
and it consist of 5 phases those are:-
1)Feasibility state

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