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7th of october TCS placement paper

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7th of october TCS placement paper..

Answer / r.nandhini

Hai everybody,
This is Nandhini. I like to share my interview
experience of TCS company. I attended the interview on 7th
of oct in VEL TECH engineering college,Chennai. The
interview process consists of THREE rounds in which the
first was the online exam where each candidates was given
the unique login ID.

The online exam consist of
verbal,quantitative,critical reasoning. For every section
there was a time limit.

Verbal consists of 10 synonyms and 10 antonyms
which was almost form the BARRON's GRE book. And a passage
was given with the blank space in between and u have to
fill the blank space where the answers are given below.
And the next was the Quantitative section this section was
very very easy its just enough if u go through the old
question papers even the data was not changed.

The next section was the critical reasoning
where three passsages were given and each passage consists
of five question, in this section be cautious about the
After the time limit the result was diaplyed on the screen
and i moved the technical round.

The tech round went like this....

The panel was about two members..

ME:Good Aternoon Sirs.
INT:Ya Good Aternoon take ur seat.

ME:Thank you sir .
INT:So Nandhini how are u?

ME:FINE thank u sir.
INT:So ur area of interest is software testing, tell me
something about testing.

ME:Explained right from the definition of testing,its life
cycle,typre of software testing,its importance in
developing a product and the tools available for testing.

INT:Good. wats the difference between REGRESSION and
ME: Explained.

INT:So u have good knowledge about testing.
ME:S sir.

INT:Wat is data structures?

INT:Wat type of data structure do u prefer as the best and
justify y its the best.
ME:Its the linked list that suits every application becoz
we can perform the operation at any ends.

INT:What is J-Frame in JAVA?
INT:What is Revision?
INT:Fine, k nandhini you can wait for the MR round.
ME:Thank you Sir.

PLz do remember that the one of the guy who was in the
panel didnt put me any question but he was watching my
gestures, eye contact and my body language. Dont forget to
maintain ur eye contact evenly.The panel members were very
friendly and i was so much comfortable with them.

And i was given a form before the MR round and was
asked to fill it up.My online exam starts by 7 in the
morning and the time i went for the MR round was nearly
3.15 PM.

The MR round was filled up with two members were one
was about 35 years old and another was about 27 or 28.They
welcomed me with a pleasant smile.The round started with
the usual question like introduce urself.In this plz try to
cover other details about you that's not in the resume. And
i met questions like
Wat u know abt TCS?
They gave me a situation and asked about my reaction.
They asked me whether i have any questions.Do prepare for
this and i put forward few questions regarding the growth
of the company and they replied for every question of mine.

And finally the results was declared on 19th of oct and
they selected 462 candidates in which i was one of them.

Before the interview gather some details about the company,
make them realise that u are much interested about TCS.

So guys all the best for the interview. Its very easy to
get into TCS for that u need to put hard work, know the
basics of the programming languages and apart from that ur
communication and the confidence level have to speak in the

Soon meet u in TCS.

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7th of october TCS placement paper..

Answer / sai sandeep

hi nandini...u shared ur experience in a cool and
informative manner...i too learned some new things..thnaks
and all the best!!

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7th of october TCS placement paper..

Answer / seema

your suggestion is very good,and thanks for sharing your
experiecne,will soon meet u in tcs.

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7th of october TCS placement paper..

Answer / gopala krishnan

your experience is nice

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