What are the steps followed in creating the accounting

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What are the steps followed in creating the accounting flexfields?..

Answer / mallikharjuna

In accounting accounting flexfield no need to creating accounting flexfield,because there already existing accounts.

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What are the steps followed in creating the accounting flexfields?..

Answer / tgs100

For setting up of accounting flexfield, follow the below steps.
1. Decide your accounting flexfield segments and its characteristics.
2. Define the valueset for each segment - This should be the first step in Oracle Fusion, but can be slightly later in R12.
3. Define accounting flexfield structure and then add segments (attach the valuesets for each segment).
4. Complete flexfield qualifiers
5. Optionally enable other options (like dynamic insert) and then compile the flexfield structure

Note: In Oracle Fusion, there is a slight change. Flexfield structures are not used, instead COA instances are used. We can create only ONE structure, but we can create multiple instances.

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What are the steps followed in creating the accounting flexfields?..

Answer / vvrmca

i think no need to create accounting accounting flexfield it
is already existing.just we setuping that accounting flexfield
for that u have to follow below steps
the structure of accounting flexfield is
press find icon
select the application and AFF.

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