In QTP, while launching qtp application from startup.. we
find Advanced Keyword-Driven Testing caption.. wht is
that...Anybody can pls explain it.

Thanks in Advance

In QTP, while launching qtp application from startup.. we find Advanced Keyword-Driven Testing cap..

Answer / raj

Advanced Keyword-Driven Testing is one of the frameworks
that are available in QTP. It is a set of files that
contains all the required functions to execute the test
case actions like click button, click links, input text in
text box etc.,

Once all the functions are ready we can use the functions
names called keywords to execute the test cases. We just
call the keyword and provide the object logical name that
is obtained during object spy and the test data in a excel

For example, all the functions are in functions.vbs file
and the test cases as test.xls.

Then in QTP, call

ExecuteFile "C:\qtp\functions.vbs"
ExecuteFile "C:\qtp\test.xls"

In xls sheet it will be
Keyword Object ObjectValue
Input txt_firstname Raj
Input txt_lastname Reddy
Clickbutton btn_submit index

With this framework we can achieve the optimum independency
of record and playback. The above one is just an example
and may differ from company to company based on their key
work framework.

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