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  • SDS interview questions (7)

SDS Interview Questions
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What is meant by JFC?

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What are your qualities to work independently and give us an example of your ability to work independently?


What is source qualifier?

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What is ActiveX Explain?

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what is the difference between modular framework & datadriven framework


In interview How do explain in Testcase of Calcuator,Cellphones, Email testing?


How to plan a project


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IN MY APPLICATION SOME WINDOW IS THERE IT CONSISTS OF SOME 25 LABLES IN THOSE FOR THE ALREADY SELECTED ONE IT WILL SHOW THE BACKGROUND COLOR IS YELLOW WHILE CHECKING IT SHOULD CHECK THE ALL LABLES WHICH ONE IS HAVING YELLOW COLOUR backcolor=SwfWindow("ALTAIR").SwfWindow("Load Wafer").SwfLabel(" ").GetROProperty("backcolor") SUPPOSE LIKE DS IT WILL BE THERE THEN FOR THAT SwfLabel(" ") inside this how to specify is my doubt because i have to check all the 25 labels plz explain it how to specify that


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hi gys.. I too want sample papers of hpcl(mech) please help me......plz..... mail me


What are Smart Tags and Refactor in Visual Studio?


What is difference between $evalAsync and $timeout?


SDS Interview Questions
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