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What is the advantage of nosql?

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What is difference between pl and sql?

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Is primary key clustered index?

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What are sql injection vulnerabilities?

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Can we insert data into materialized view?

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What is example of database?

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If I have a table T with 4 rows & 2 columns A & B. A has values 1,2,3,4. and B has 10,20,30,40. Write an Update SQL query which can Swap the values of A & B for all records. (Do not use a sub-query)

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what does myisamchk do? : Sql dba

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What problem one might face while writing log information to a data-base table in pl/sql?

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SELECT ROUND(TRUNC(MOD(1600,10),-1),2) FROM dual;

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What is field delimiter?

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Write a query to find five highest salaries from EMP table. (there is a column SALARY)

23 Answers   Cap Gemini, iNautix,

What is sqlca in powerbuilder?

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