If developer is not agree with your bug then what is your

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If developer is not agree with your bug then what is your response?..

Answer / swathi vasu

If developer not accepts a bug which is identified by
tester, then the testing engineer should again check
whether that is really a defect or not. so in this
situation the tester should verify the requirements
suppose if developer is correct then we need to close the
defect. otherwise we need conduct a review meeting, in that
meeting the tester, the developer, bussiness analyst, TL
will participate.

we all people should discuss regarding the defect and come
to a conclusion. if developer is correct then we stop
testing on that defect otherwise developer should fix the

if you want you can bug life cycle

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If developer is not agree with your bug then what is your response?..

Answer / purushothaman

according to the first answer, review meeting is secondary action that suppose we should have to fix the issue immediately but the developer does not accept again based some ego! how can I convenience him and get resolved the problem?

this is asked again when said the answer as you said 'Swathi Vasu'. So in this situation what can we do as a tester.

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If developer is not agree with your bug then what is your response?..

Answer / murali

If the developer is not agree with the bug that posted by a
tester, we should convenience them to approve the bug by
conducting the meeting or we have to take a screen shot of
the bug occurred in the application and to be posted or
shown to the development team.


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If developer is not agree with your bug then what is your response?..

Answer / dharmpal

If Developer never agrees about the Bug, probably they
provide reason
1. This is running from last long and customer didn't have
any problem with this; so leave it but only if its severity
is very low
2. This is as by design time and acceptable, so leave this
3. otherwise He always say that he cannot reproduce the bug
in latest build , means due to some other fixes this issue
also has been fixed. Leave this too.
4. Except all above you can convince him only.

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If developer is not agree with your bug then what is your response?..

Answer / sowmya

If the developer doesnot accept the bug.we have to talk
with him in a conviencing manner and make him accept the
bug.otherwise conduct review.While sending the bug we have
togive clear discription where the bug occured and can send
screen shots

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