What are the advantages of VIEW?

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What are the advantages of VIEW?..

Answer / vinay dixit

please find the advantages as given below :-

a) data security - no need to give permission on the table,
infact a view can be created, having only selected number
of coloums in its definition. So user will only be able to
see those coloums.

b) simplicity - a very complicated query can be saved as a
view defenition. when needed can be called by its view name.

c) removes dependency - Can be very helpful to remove the
dependecny from the underlying tables. Suppose a view is
created by joining several tables. After some time, there
are some changes on the tables, so only defenition of view
can be changed and there is no need to change all the code
where view is used.

d) No space - takes no space ( except materialized view )

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What are the advantages of VIEW?..

Answer / anil_abbireddy

1. data security : complex view can not be modified ie.
base tables cannot be visible.
2. it provides easy way to query data from different data
sources like a single table
3.it is very usefull when developing complex reports basing
on multiple tables.

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What are the advantages of VIEW?..

Answer / pnc

view is a logical presentation of one or more tables. It is
a virtual table. or A view is a data base object to register
the select statement permanently in the data base.

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What are the advantages of VIEW?..

Answer / karunakarreddy.boyapally

1) it reduse the object size
2) hides the complexity of data
3) security purpose also

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What are the advantages of VIEW?..

Answer / kapil syscom

View is simple structure as table in database, it dosen't take extra memory space, and reduces the structural complexity of database whenever we need to fetch the data from more than one table, thus it reduces the cost of joins every time.
Thus these is true that we have to use it for efficiency reasons..

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