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What is anonymous block in sql?

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What is a recursive join sql?

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Initially question was asked to mention the types of indexes. Then asked about BITMAP INDEX and B-Tree Index

2 Answers   Polaris,

What will you get by the cursor attribute sql%notfound?

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What is sql procedures and functions?

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How many triggers can be applied on a table?

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How to retrieve a second highest salary from a table? Note:Suppose salaries are in duplicate values eg: Name Sal Malli 60000 Pandi 60000 Rudra 45000 Ravi 45000

10 Answers   Mind Tree, Polaris, Sonata,

What is varchar example?

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What is union and union all keyword in sql?

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Why you are not able to create a table using select command,if it is having a LONG column? for eg:create table test as select * from test1 here test1 containg a column having LONG datatype...

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How to maintain the history of code changes of pl/sql?

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how to check the 3rd max salary from an employee table?

22 Answers   IBM,

How do we tune the code?

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