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Where is pl sql used?

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in table there r so many rows write a query which two rows r updated last two day befor?

3 Answers   Exilant,

can use the following like overloading concept in a single package: procedure p1(a varchar), procedure p1(a varchar2), procedure p1(a char)

5 Answers  

What is having clause in sql?

0 Answers  

how to analyze tables with 'mysqlcheck'? : Sql dba

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What is trigger explain with example?

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Can I call a procedure inside a function?

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I have a procedure in a procedure. The inner procedure contains out parameter. How I can call the inner procedure in the out procedure and send the inner procedure parameter value(out parameter value) into out procedure?

2 Answers  

how will u find statistics of a database objects?

2 Answers   iFlex,

Does pl/sql support create command?

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Difference between IN and EXISTS

4 Answers   Nous, Polaris,

What are different types of tables in sql?

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What are the built in functions of sql?

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