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Saama Tech Interview Questions
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What is mutating table?

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what are %TYPE and %ROWTYPE? what is the difference?

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What is a join?Explain the different types of joins?

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What is difference between TRUNCATE & DELETE?

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What is difference between CHAR and VARCHAR2?What is the maximum SIZE allowed for each type?

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what is the difference between TRUNCATE and DELETE command in SQL

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what is slice & dice?

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If i insert record in table A and these record should update in table B by using Trigger.How to achieve this.

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I have a mapping loading 100 records and it failed on 20th record. how to recover it without changing anything.(in prod where we don't have any access).. (the session should should start from 21 record)


I have following column in the table. col1 1 a b c 2 3 d and I want to display it as num chars 1 a 2 b 3 c 4 d numbers in one column and letters in another column.


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Saama Tech Interview Questions
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