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Calsoft Interview Questions
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How to Test a C++ and unix application is there any automated tool available,

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How do we Test the C++ and Unix Application Using Automated Tool.


what is the challenging situation you faced in your career?

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pls write test case for google and yahoo mail page. pls any body known the answer immediatly post the answer

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write a program to check whether a given integer is a strong number or not? [Hint: 145=1!+4!+5! =1+24+120 =145]

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In bug life cycle after closing the bug status at last stage again where you start

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In a month how many times bugs will be send to your developer. 1 or 2

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we are selling a device for 6000 and the company want to replace that device with a new device which is a bit more than the prior price say 7000. how we can account this?

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I have a build in which there are 17 files, now 3 new files added, in this case what type of testing will do

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