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I am running a windows based application.While running the
script on QTP ,The Application pop-up an Error Message
as "object Disabled" in two different scenarios
Scenario 1-->The Application pop-up up a Message for Max
Session Reached(as the application is set to hold 2 session
and if if crosses the pre-defined limit then the error
message pop-up)
Scenario 2-->When Network connectivity is disabled the
Application screen gets greyed out in colour with no
operation possible.
Now through Exception handling features in QTP ,we need to
do the following
For Scenarion 1-->Through Exception handling we need to
just accept the Message pop-up in the Application and and
resume with the call function as is

for Scenario 2--> Through Exception Handling featutes on
QTP we need to shut down the client , restart the client
and resume the call functions as it is

Note: The Application returns an Error Message as "object
disabled" in both the cases i.e for pop-up message and when
the Apllication getting greyed out due to Network failure

how can we enhance the script in such a way that for the
same error message retured by the application in two
different and how to handle them????

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I am running a windows based application.While running the script on QTP ,The Application pop-up a..

Answer / kkk

Handily recovery scenarios in QTP so many ways is there
Recovery scenario Manger (exte:qrs)
a) Popup recovery
b) Application cash recovery
c) Object status exceptions
d) Test runner error exceptions
2.) Run time setting is a one error handling
3) On error resume next step is a one error handling
a) on error resume step no 0
4) Using the descript is final recovery scenario

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I am running a windows based application.While running the script on QTP ,The Application pop-up a..

Answer / sanjaymadhav


Use Recovery Scenario to overcome this problem...

There are four Types of triggers are there
1. Pop-Up Window
2. Object State
3. Test Run Error
4. Application Crash

You can acces Recovery scenario Thru Tools --> Recovery


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