AJAX Interview Questions
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how long it will take to come the interview result of infosys?

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what is the active x dll used for ajax. explain y we use ajax?


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what is meant by AJAX and its purpose?

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what is ajax

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What is the Difference between AJAX and Javascript?

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How can we assign an object in Java Script?? For Example:- ----------- If i create an object "obj1" var obj1 = Object(); obj1.name = "hari"; and if i want to assign it to two objects "obj2" and "obj3" with different names... obj1.name = "gopi" obj2 = new Object(obj1); obj1.name = "raghu" obj3 = new Object(obj1) Now ob2.name become to "raghu" from "gopi". WHY? how to solve the above problem?

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whether QTP sopports the ajax application


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Is it possible to upload a file using Ajax ? Reason


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Why we r using AJAX in ASP.NET ?


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Whattrigger will fire initially by using update panel?

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What is the difference between AJAX using .net over AJAX using Java?


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What is Synchronous and Asynchronous AJAX request.

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When not to use JSON?


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What is the use of trigger in ajax?

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how to send more values through respnseText

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What's the difference in HTML AJAX, ASP.Net AJAX?


What are the difference between AJAX and Javascript?


What are Ajax applications?


what is xmlhttprequest?