jQuery Interview Questions
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What is jQuery?

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Why do we use jQuery?

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How JavaScript and jQuery are different?

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Is jQuery replacement of Java Script?

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Is jQuery a library for client scripting or server scripting?

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Is jQuery a W3C standard?

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What is the basic need to start with jQuery?

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Which is the starting point of code execution in jQuery?

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What does dollar sign ($) means in jQuery?

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Can we have multiple document.ready() function on the same page?

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Can we use our own specific character in the place of $ sign in jQuery?

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Is it possible to use other client side libraries like MooTools, Prototype along with jQuery?

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What is jQuery.noConflict?

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Is there any difference between body onload() and document.ready() function?

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What is the difference between .js and .min.js?

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Un-Answered Questions { jQuery }

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What is ajax and how it works?


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List the basic selectors in jquery?


Is jquery a framework?


How to get the value of selected option in jquery?


Jquery can be used in what scenarios?


How to search for descendant elements that match the specified selectors using ?


Explain cache paremeter of jquery ajax method?