Ruby on Rails Interview Questions
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Why RubyonRails?

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what is session and cookies

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Whats the difference between symbol and string?

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what the difference between static scaffolding and Dynamic scaffolding?

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Why do we use request.xhr? in rails


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difference between form_for and form_tag

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I would like to know about ruby on rails.I want to will be the future for ruby on rails.please tell me.

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let me know what is ruby software and where and when it is usefull. Is it usefull to data base developer, if yes...where? thank you

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What are filters? and how many types of filters are there in ruby

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What is the difference between sessions and flash?

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What is the architecture of Model views and controllers



What is the functionality of Model views and controllers

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How are Model views and controllers related?

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Is Ruby is a Scripting Language or Compiled Language?


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am new to ruby. tell me one thing. i can view my project on browser when i write "ruby script/server". otherwise i cant view my project on localhost. what i have to do to view my project always on browser? pls help

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hi am b,tech 2011 passedout now am learnig ROR technology may i knw what is the feature of this one and what is the salary ranges to this i heard there is a less salaries to this technology give me valuable suggestions


What is the architecture of Model views and controllers


Am Fresher ..,i dont know seven controller searching in google .but am not getting .help me