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What is rownum?

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What can sql server reporting services do?

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What is intersect?

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I have one table,in that table (1)i have java1.1 version books are 2 and java1.5 version books are 4. (2).Net2.0 books are 3, .Net3.5 books are 2 (3)ABC1.6 books are 4, ABC2.0 books are 3. Now i want output is like Book Count Java 6 .Net 5 ABC 7 For this i need sql query, please help me if anyone how to get this result. Thanks, Seenu

4 Answers   Adea,

what is the difference between sql and t-sql? : Transact sql

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I have a procedure in a procedure. The inner procedure contains out parameter. How I can call the inner procedure in the out procedure and send the inner procedure parameter value(out parameter value) into out procedure?

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What is field delimiter?

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How do I make sql search faster?

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explain what is mysql? : Sql dba

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Is pl sql a programming language?

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sales persons should always receive commission of 100 at least. employees who r not sales persons should never receive commission.(Triggers)

1 Answers   Fidelity, Oracle,

What are the popular database management systems in the it industry?

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How do I save a stored procedure?

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