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Is array thread safe c#?

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How do you create user defined data types in c#?

0 Answers  

1)what is difference between char and varchar in sql server 2005 2) what is composite key and candidate key 3) what is temporary table and derived table 4) how to calculate difference between two dates

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In c# how to connect crystal report?

2 Answers  

What is the difference between add and addrange in c#?

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What statements can enclose a "continue" statement?

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What are anonymous methods ? why these methods are used and in what condition these methods are useful ?

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Is c# code is managed or unmanaged code?

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Expalin the way you implement inheritance by using VB.NET/C#?

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What is an object and a class?

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How is the memory managed in C#.

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Is .net and c# the same?

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What is the difference between throw and throw ex?

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