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The threat of flooding of Rampur in Himachal Pradesh has
been due to the rains in the catchment area of??. River in

1 Sutlej

2 Pareechu

3 Chenab

4 Beas

The threat of flooding of Rampur in Himachal Pradesh has been due to the rains in the catchment are..

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(2) Pareechu

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Who was the first prime minister of india.

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Rift valleys and Horsts are the results of 1 Faulting 2 Folding 3 Mass movement 4 Warping

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How government calculate Inflation rate?

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National Institute of Nutrition is located in 1 Bhopal 2 Indore 3 Karnal 4 Hyderabad

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Which of the following Indian players was selected for the Life Time Achievement Award of the International Tennis Federation (ITF) recently? 1 Jaideep Mukherjee 2 Leander Peas 3 Rahon Bopanna 4 Mahesh Bhupathi

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The aim of the Directive Principles of State Policy is to establish (a) Capitalist State in our country (b) Welfare State in our country (c) Communist State in our country (d) Anarchist Society in our country

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The mineral resource which has made the Middle East of vital importance to the world today is: (a) oil (b) coal (c) tin (d) silver

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S.S.Kohli is associated with 1 Indian Bank 2 Punjab National Bank 3 State Bank of India 4 HDFC Bank

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The Roman civilization started developing around the: (a) 3rd century BC (b) 4th century BC (c) 6th century BC (d) 1st century AD

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As per recent reports the infant morality rate is lowest in which of the following countries? 1 U.S.A 2 Japan 3 Cuba 4 U.K

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How many members of the Lok Sabha are elected by the States? (a) Nearly 540 (b) Nearly 530 (c) Nearly 535 (d) Nearly 528

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Raja Rammohan Roy, who founded brahmo Samaj, opposed: (a) Idolatry (b) Practice of Sati (c) Purdah System (d) All the three above

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