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Following a sharp rise in the international prices of crude
oil and diesel, diesel prices were raised by the government
in October 1999 by

1 30%

2 35%

3 40%

4 45%

Following a sharp rise in the international prices of crude oil and diesel, diesel prices were rais..

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( 3) 40%

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Which of the following is correctly matched? A. Golden Temple - Patiala B. Iran Pilar -Agra C. Qutub Minar -Mathura D. Humayun?s Tomb -Delhi

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Plants take nitrogen in the form of 1 Nitrate 2 Nitrogen 3 Nitrite 4 None of these

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The empire of Akbar was divided into ??? Subas. (a) seven (b) thirteen (c) fifteen (d) nineteen

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In which of the following sectors during the decade 1991-2001, the Foreign Direct Investment in India is maximum? 1 Steel 2 Telecom 3 Service 4 Fuels

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Cryogenic enginesare used for running which of the following programmes? 1 Space programme 2 Atomic Energy programme 3 Operation Food 4 None of these

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In the 18th century BC Egypt was over-run by invaders called the: (a) Persians (b) Chaldeans (c) Assyrians (d) Hyksos

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The 36th Nehru Literacy Award for the year 2003, instituted by the Indian Education Association has gone to ?. (1) Prof. Bhawani Shankar Garg (2) Amit Verma (3) Sumit Sarkar (4) Amit Sharma (5) None of these

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Mahabharata was written by: (a) Veda Vyas (b) Valmiki (c) Tulsidas (d) None of the above

23 Answers   Facebook, Tulsidas, Ved Vyas, Veda Vyasa,

Which of the following glands is situated beneath the brain and whose over secretion produces giant-size children? 1 Pituitary 2 Thyroid 3 Adrenal 4 Pancreas

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Rotation refers to: (a) turning of the earth on its own axis (b) earth movement around the center of the galaxy (c) earth movement around the sun

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The constitution of India borrowed the Parliamentary system of Government from ? a) United Kingdom b) France c) Switzerland d) U.S.A

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The U.S.A. Government suspended the sales of fire arms and ammunition to the dealers of which of the following countries, as most of the supply is reaching in the hands of guerrillas and drug traffickers? 1 Venezuela 2 Colombia 3 Pakistan 4 None of these

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