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Tell me whether the account “cash” will be credited or debited, when a company pays a bill?

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what is current ratio formula

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What are negative postings?What are Credit memos ?Payment Requests ?

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is mba finance related with accounts

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What are control ledgers? What are the purposes of maintaining it?

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Hai Experts can any one send me some finance interview questions ,my mail id is,please send quickly it's so need.

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What is Diffrence Between in EPF & GPF?

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total assets are equal to total liabilities in final accounts ?why?

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Explain the Steps to Define Expenses Report

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what is journal entry for cash received

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Is it legal for an organization to keep two sets of accounting records; one for tax and one for book? Why or why not?

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Contents of an Invoice receipt

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what is a difference between public and private accounting?

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