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What are the different fields of accounting?

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what is cenvat

2 Answers  

can any one send me tally professional version link

0 Answers   XYZ,

What is SOX?

2 Answers   Accenture,

How many invoices on average do you handle on a weekly/monthly basis?

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is investing in equity or mutualfund is better?

1 Answers  

What is the difference between General Ledger and Trial Balance?

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if co. (proprietorship). purchase mobile phone for employees than mobile phones under off. equipment .we have rec. purchase bill gst applicable how shows entry

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Why companies are issuing their shares at premium and discount? What benefits the companies and the investors can get in both the cases?

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The number of production or similar units expected to be obtained from the use of an asset by an enterprise is called as _________ (a) Unit life (b) Useful life (c) Production life (d) Expected life

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how to pass journal entry when cash received in the form of gold or other form?

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What is earning per sahre? how does it impact the share holder?

3 Answers   HP,

What is the unique thing about employees that employers expect to see at an interview.?

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