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Explain a time when you have not met your goal?

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how we pass commission entry when we give to other with tds ?

1 Answers   GFS,

what is difference between budgeting and Forecasting

0 Answers   IHG,

What are the characteristic features of financial accounting?

0 Answers  

Please explain what do you do to increase revenues? What are your tactics, techniques, and sales methods?

0 Answers  

what is accrual concept?

7 Answers   Capital IQ, Genpact, TCS,

what are the document that get created in procurement to pay process ?

2 Answers   Servis,

what is the difference between cash flow statement and fund flow statement..

4 Answers   Deloitte,

what is finance management?

2 Answers  

What elements of your job interest you the most, and least?

1 Answers   Insurance, Pharmaceutical, Sahajanand, Taikisha,

. Expenses a/c. Dr. To vendor a/c. Cr. What is an impact of this transaction on business

2 Answers   Genpact,

recently watched film narret the story.

1 Answers   FactSet Systems, HCL, JPMorgan Chase,

Whether purchase of a fixed asset comes in receipt & payment account or not?

3 Answers