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Describe the process for writing text check point for a web

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Describe the process for writing text check point for a web application?..

Answer / murali raju

Text checkpoints are supported for various external
QuickTest Professional add-ins (purchased separately).
Refer to your add-in documentation for details.if u r able
to insert text checkpoint in your like this way

1)launch qtp..and then open web application.this is the
way of process to recognize objects properly.
2)start recording.switch to insert-> checkpoint--
>textcheckpoint.put the hand icon any webedit or textbox
field..capture that value..if u want change ur expected
value change the expectd value in text checkpoint
properties..i think without having seat licence we can't
able to put the text checkpoint..if ur able to do this
above it.

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Describe the process for writing text check point for a web application?..

Answer / baba

Hello buddy,

Please try to avoid using Text Checkpoints at any time and
any where and any application.

You can give answer just " We should not use text
checkpoints to test GUI " in web application, but the
process is
"1. Keep tool under recording mode
2. go to menu bar,
3. Select Insert menu item,
4. Select Text Check Point
5. Select particular word or text with hand icon
6. Click on Ok "

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