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How to give Table check points?

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How to give Table check points?..

Answer / firoz shaik

Think that you have a webtable and you are asked to pick
the data in the 1,2 cell. then this type of check point is
called table checkpoint. Here we are performing operations
on Table.
The solution is:


This is the checkpoint which is in the step form in QTP.

Now store this information in a variable as follows:

Info = Browser("Browser").Page("Page").WebTable

Msgbox Info

This statement displays the data which is in the variable.

This is the method, where in we write the step

If you have further questions, Give me a mail.

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How to give Table check points?..

Answer / murali raju

Is there any webtable object in your webpage you can able
to put pagecheckpoint..using standard checkpoint u can
insert table checkpoint in your scripting.put the standard
checkpoint in your application webpage..not only
webpage.any application ..but it must table
object..Example:swftable object for .net ,webtable object
for web.After puting the standard checkpoing on your conformation window will comes regarding the table object in that conformation ok..standard checkpoing properties window
will comes..then select any one or two properties to check..
click ok....

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How to give Table check points?..

Answer / rafi

in a web page using standard checpoint u can place a table
check point

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How to give Table check points?..

Answer / mastanbabu

goto tools-options--web---advanced---accessability
checkpoint---tables check

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