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In Object Repository, two actions r there. Action1 name is
A.tsr, Action2 name is B.tsr. Is it Possible? if Yes, what
is the out put of A+B? if No, why?

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In Object Repository, two actions r there. Action1 name is A.tsr, Action2 name is B.tsr. Is it Pos..

Answer / his higness mv @ tcs

Is it possible: yes
Output = Merge objects of both the object repositories.
i.e. C = A+B then C will contain objects from both the
Object Repositories (OR). In case same object or conflicts
in OR...using merge tool in Or u can choose which obect
should go to OR C.

A nd B both are .tsr i.e. shared repo. and QTP 9.2 onwards
have merge's easy...

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In Object Repository, two actions r there. Action1 name is A.tsr, Action2 name is B.tsr. Is it Pos..

Answer / lokesh kanithi

As said Action 1 is A.tsr & Action 2 is B.tsr,They r of the
shared Object Repository files.So it is possible to b like
that.The action objects can b identified with a common
obj.Rep.& u asked W is the output of A+B I'm not clear
regarding this.
U can call actions when the called action is set to
Reusable action property.
U can copy from one to another.
If anything went wrong..Pls let me know.

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