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what is the difference between Single user and multiple user

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what is the difference between Single user and multiple user protocol?..

Answer / raman

single user prtocal can be only used specifically for one
type of functionality execution example if u r recording
web http protocal for client-server based app then if in
between there are a requirement of sending ftp reponses
back to server then some times it happens that your reponse
exactly what u want to send back doesnt better to
use both http and ftp protocall to record....

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what is the difference between Single user and multiple user protocol?..

Answer / balaji

This is purely based on the application for an example if
your application developed by Siebel as a front end and
back end as Siebel Oracle at that time if we select only
siebel may not be able to retrieve all the request and
responses.So we need to select multiple protocol for Siebel
and Siebel Oracle.

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