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i want how to know how to explain the load runner process
please explain iam having the interivew

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hi i want how to know how to explain the load runner process please explain iam having the interi..

Answer / narayan singh

Load testing typically consists of five phases:
1) Planning 2)Script creation 3)Scenario definition 4)
Scenario execution and 5) Results Analysis.
> Plan Load Test - Define your performance testing
requirements, for example, number of concurrent users,
typical business processes, and required response times.
> Create Vuser Scripts - Capture the end-user activities
into automated scripts.
> Define a Scenario - Use the LoadRunner Controller to set
up the load test environment.
> Run a Scenario - Drive, manage, and monitor the load test
from the LoadRunner Controller.
> Analyze the Results - Use LoadRunner Analysis to create
graphs and reports and evaluate the performance.

"Extract from LoadRunner Tutorial - 9.5"

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hi i want how to know how to explain the load runner process please explain iam having the interi..

Answer / pvreddy

yes its simple

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