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How can performance bottlenecks be identified?

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what are the type of recording modes available in LR? on what basis we will select each?

2 Answers  

What is correlation? Explain the difference between automatic correlation and manual correlation?

5 Answers  

hello all can anybody give the total analysis guidance in load runner.thanks & regards

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How to schedule a scenario?

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which is best institute/trainer for load runner in bangalore

20 Answers  

Difference b/n Loadrunner and Performance center?

2 Answers   Cap Gemini, IBM,

Tell me about the agent process run as process & System?

1 Answers   ITC Infotech,

How do you measure current load levels in Load Runner?

0 Answers   Allianz,

1st i would like thankfull to (Mr.AJAY,MR.Srinivas,Rani) which u gave nice Posting Answers,my question is to get a job in performance testing how we have to pripare like what part i have to cover,i did not done any project just knoledge on tool, i am expecting valuble sugistions , gideliens to achive goal?(Chandana)

1 Answers  

What is scenario wizard?

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if we have licence for 200 vuser and if we u want to get performance matrix to 300 vuser how will u perform

6 Answers   Syntel,

What do you mean by creating vuser script?

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