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Railway Recruitment Board (Chandigarh)
Goods Guard Recruitment Exam
May 2004 Question Paper

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Railway Recruitment Board (Chandigarh) Goods Guard Recruitment Exam May 2004 Question Paper..

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Railway Recruitment Board (Chandigarh)
Goods Guard Recruitment Exam
May 2004 Question Paper

1. When is International Women?s Day celebrated?
(a) 9th January
(b) 7th April
(c) 8th March
(d) 27th May
Ans: ( c ) 8th March

2. General Elections are currently being held in the
country to elect the members of
(a) 13th Lok Sabha
(b) 13th Rajya Sabha
(c) Both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha
(d) 14th Lok Sabha
Ans: ( d ) 14th Lok Sabha

3. Who is our Chief Vigilance Commissioner?
(a) P. Shankar
(b) T.S. Krishnamurthy
(c) N. Vittal
(d) James Lyngdoh
Ans: ( a ) P. Shankar

4. India has signed an agreement to purchase Admiral
Gorshkov from Russia. This is a/an
(a) Submarine
(b) Aircraft carrier
(c) Gun
(d) Tank
Ans: ( b ) Aircraft carrier

5. In the awards announced on Republic Day this year,
Sourav Ganguly got
(a) Padma Vibhushan
(b) Padma Shree
(c) Padma Bhushan
(d) Ashok Chakra
Ans: ( b ) Padma Shree

6. India played the first One Day International
Cricket Match with Pakistan in March this year at
(a) Lahore
(b) Peshawar
(c) Multan
(d) Karachi
Ans: ( d ) Karachi

7. Which famous female singing star of Indian films of
the past passed away in January 2004?
(a) Uma Devi
(b) Devika Rani
(c) Suraiya
(d) Hemalata
Ans: ( c ) Suraiya

8. Sher Singh Rana, who escaped from Tihar Jail in
February 2004, is the prime accused in the murder of whom
among the following?
(a) Phoolan Devi
(b) Beant Singh
(c) Rajiv Gandhi
(d) Shivani Bhatnagar
Ans: ( a ) Phoolan Devi

9. Which Pakistani scientist was involved with leaking
of nuclear know-how to other countries?
(a) Imran khan
(b) Javed Ashraf Qazi
(c) Abdul Qadeer Khan
(d) Shaharyar Khan
Ans: ( c ) Abdul Qadeer Khan

10. Who is the Chief Minister of Assam?
(a) Hiteshwar Saikia
(b) Praful Kumar Mohanta
(c) Tarun Gogoi
(d) None of these
Ans: ( c ) Tarun Gogoi

11. Shri L. K. Advani is contesting the parliamentary
election from
(a) Rajkot
(b) Gandhinagar
(c) Gwalior
(d) None of these
Ans: ( b ) Gandhinagar

12. Harkishan Singh Surjeet is from which of the
following political parties?
(a) CPI
(b) CPI (M)
(c) NDA
(d) Janata Dal
Ans: ( b ) CPI (M)

13. By which Constitutional Amendment has education
been made a Fundamental Right for all children between 6
years and 14 years?
(a) 63rd
(b) 73rd
(c) 83rd
(d) 93rd
Ans: ( d ) 93rd

14. Who is India?s first woman Foreign Secretary?
(a) Chokila Iyer
(b) Indira Goswami
(c) Gauri Chatterjee
(d) None of these
Ans: ( a ) Chokila Iyer

15. Which of the following countries won the Under-19
Cricket World Cup held in 2004?
(a) West Indies
(b) Pakistan
(c) India
(d) Australia
Ans: ( b ) Pakistan

16. Who wrote the book ?Kitne Pakistan??
(a) Bhishm Sahney
(b) Yashpal
(c) Kamleshwar
(d) Iqbal
Ans: ( c ) Kamleshwar

17. ?Golconda Fort? is in which state?
(a) Uttar Pradesh
(b) Karnataka
(c) Andhra Pradesh
(d) Bihar
Ans: ( c ) Andhra Pradesh

18. Which cricketer is called ?Rawalpindi Express??
(a) Imran Khan
(b) Wasim Akram
(c) Saqlain Musthaq
(d) Shoaib Akhtar
Ans: ( d ) Shoaib Akhtar

19. The term ?Butterfly Stroke? is associated with
(a) Kabaddi
(b) Wrestling
(c) Polo
(d) Swimming
Ans: ( d ) Swimming

20. Who was called ?Frontier Gandhi??
(a) Abdul Kalam Azad
(b) Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan
(c) Gopal Krishna Gokhale
(d) Chittaranjan Das
Ans: ( b ) Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan

21. The Railways? unit, producing wheels and axles, is
located at which of the following places?
(a) Bangalore
(b) Chennai
(c) Secunderabad
(d) Chittaranjan
Ans: ( a ) Bangalore

22. The first Sampark Kranti Train, started in 2004, is
(a) Delhi ? Bangalore
(b) Delhi ? Secunderabad
(c) Delhi ? Chennai
(d) Delhi ? Patna
Ans: ( a ) Delhi ? Bangalore

23. Rajasthan Canal receives water from which of the
following rivers?
(a) Ghaghra
(b) Yamuna
(c) Sutlej
(d) Ravi
Ans: ( c ) Sutlej

24. Mettur Dam is situated on which of the following
(a) Narmada
(b) Krishna
(c) Mahanadi
(d) Cauvery
Ans: ( d ) Cauvery

25. If it is 4 p.m. on Monday at 1500W longitude, then
what is the time at 1500E longitude?
(a) 4 a.m. Tuesday
(b) 4 p.m. Tuesday
(c) 12.00 Noon Tuesday
(d) 8.00 a.m. Sunday
Ans: ( c ) 12.00 Noon Tuesday

26. Mixed economy means
(a) Co-existence of small scale and large scale
(b) Co-existence of the rich and the poor
(c) Co-existence of private and public sector
(d) Assigning equal importance to both
agriculture and heavy industries
Ans: ( c ) Co-existence of private and public

27. Who presides over the Lok Sabha if neither the
Speaker nor the Deputy Speaker is available?
(a) A member of the Lok Sabha appointed by the
(b) A member chosen by the Council of Ministers
(c) The seniormost member of the Rajya Sabha
(d) The seniormost member of the Lok Sabha
Ans: ( d ) The seniormost member of the Lok

28. Which of the following diseases cannot be
controlled by vaccination?
(a) Small Pox
(b) Diabetes
(c) Polio
(d) Whooping cough
Ans: ( b ) Diabetes

29. Spondylitis is the disease affecting
(a) Kidney
(b) Spinal column
(c) Brain cells
(d) Lungs
Ans: ( b ) Spinal column

30. Who started the slogan ?Jai Jawan Jai Kisan??
(a) Lal Bahadur Shastri
(b) Mahatma Gandhi
(c) Jawaharlal Nehru
(d) Indira Gandhi
Ans: ( a ) Lal Bahadur Shastri

31. The equatorial diameter of the earth is
(a) 6357 km
(b) 18546 km
(c) 12756 km
(d) 15600 km
Ans: ( c ) 12756 km

32. ?Amnesty International? is an organization
associated with which of the following fields?
(a) Protection of historical monuments
(b) Environmental protection
(c) Protection of cruelty to animals
(d) Protection of human rights
Ans: ( d ) Protection of human rights

33. The headquarters of International Red Cross is
situated at
(a) Paris
(b) The Hague
(c) Geneva
(d) Vienna
Ans: ( c ) Geneva

34. ?Dogri? language is spoken in which of the
following States?
(a) Assam
(b) Bihar
(c) Orissa
(d) Jammu and Kashmir
Ans: ( d ) Jammu and Kashmir

35. Brazil is situated in which continent?
(a) South America
(b) North America
(c) Africa
(d) Europe
Ans: ( a ) South America

36. Where is the Sariska tiger Sanctuary?
(a) Gujaraj
(b) Rajasthan
(c) Madhya Pradesh
(d) Haryana
Ans: ( b ) Rajasthan

37. Battle of Plassey was fought by the Britishers with
(a) Siraj-ud-Daula
(b) Mir Zafar
(c) Mir Qasix
(d) Wajid Ali Shah
Ans: ( a ) Siraj-ud-Daula

38. The abbreviation ?RPF? stands for
(a) Reserve Police Force
(b) Railway Protection Force
(c) Regional Peoples Front
(d) Railway Police Force
Ans: ( b ) Railway Protection Force

39. Who is the Chairman of National Commission for
Scheduled Castes?
(a) Shri Suraj Bhan
(b) Shri Ram Vilas Paswan
(c) Shri Ram Raj
(d) Shri Buta Singh
Ans: ( a ) Shri Suraj Bhan

40. ?Clock? is the election symbol of which political
(a) RJD
(b) Telugu Desam
(c) BSP
(d) NCP
Ans: ( d ) NCP

41. Which of the following is the same as Count, List,
(a) Compare
(b) Sequence
(c) Number
(d) Measure
Ans: ( c ) Number

42. Which of the following is the same as Steel,
Bronze, Brass ?
(a) Calcite
(b) Methane
(c) Zinc
(d) Coal
Ans: ( c ) Zinc

43. Which of the following is the same as Flood, Fire,
Cyclone ?
(a) Damage
(b) Earthquake
(c) Rain
(d) Accident
Ans: ( b ) Earthquake

44. Which of the following is the same as Jute, Cotton,
Wool ?
(a) Terylene
(b) Rayon
(c) Silk
(d) Nylon
Ans: ( c ) Silk

45. Which of the following is the same as Liver, Heart,
Kidney ?
(a) Lung
(b) Blood
(c) Nose
(d) Urine
Ans: ( a ) Lung

Directions (Qs. 46?50) : Find the odd one
out in the following questions :
46. (a) Physics
(b) Chemistry
(c) Biology
(d) Geography
Ans: ( d ) Geography

47. (a) Haldighati
(b) Sarnath
(c) Panipat
(d) Kurukshetra
Ans: ( b ) Sarnath

48. (a) December
(b) July
(c) September
(d) March
Ans: ( c ) September

49. (a) Park
(b) Bus-stand
(c) Dock
(d) Platform
Ans: ( a ) Park

50. (a) Needle
(b) Stick
(c) Thorn
(d) Pin
Ans: ( b ) Stick

51. A man is performing yoga with his head down and
legs up. His face is towards the west. In which direction
will his left hand be?
(a) North
(b) South
(c) East
(d) West
Ans: ( a ) North

52. At 12:30, the hour hand of a clock faces North and
the minute-hand faces South. At 1:45, the hour hand will
be in which direction?
(a) South-East
(b) South-West
(c) North-East
(d) North-West
Ans: ( c ) North-East

53. In a certain code, MAN is written as SANM and WORD
is written as SORDW. In that code, how would SALE be
Ans: ( b ) SALES

54. If in a certain code language, ?123? means ?bright
little boy?, ?145? means ?tall big boy? AND ?637?
means ?beautiful little FLOWER?, then which digit in that
language means ?bright??
(a) 1
(b) 3
(c) 4
(d) 2
Ans: ( d ) 2

55. Arrange the following in a meaningful sequence :
1. Shoulder 2. Wrist 3. Elbow
4. Palm 5. Finger
(a) 5, 4, 2, 3, 1
(b) 3, 4, 5, 2, 1
(c) 3, 1, 4, 2, 5
(d) 2, 4, 5, 3, 1
Ans: ( a ) 5, 4, 2, 3, 1

56. If the 25th of August in a year is Thursday, then
the number of Mondays in that month is
(a) 6
(b) 5
(c) 4
(d) 3
Ans: ( b ) 5

57. ?E? is the son of ?A?. ?D? is the son of ?B?. ?E?
is married to ?C? and ?C? is B?s daughter. How is ?D?
related to ?E? ?
(a) Brother
(b) Uncle
(c) Father-in-law
(d) Brother-in-law
Ans: ( d ) Brother-in-law

58. A cube, painted yellow on all faces, is cut into 27
small cubes of equal size. How many small cubes are
painted on one face only?
(a) 1
(b) 6
(c) 8
(d) 12
Ans: ( b ) 6

Directions (Qs. 59 & 60) : In Each of these
questions, there are two statements followed by two
conclusion numbered I and II. Take the two given
statements to be true even if they seem to be at variance
from commonly known facts. Read the conclusions and then
decide which of the given conclusions logically follows
from the two given statements, disregarding commonly known
59. Statements :
All poets are readers.
No reader is wise.
Conclusions :
I. No poet is wise.
II. All readers are poets.
(a) Only conclusion I follows
(b) Only conclusion II follows
(c) Both the conclusions I and II follows
(d) None of the conclusions follows
Ans: ( a ) Only conclusion I follows

60. Statements :
All stones are diamonds.
Some diamonds are pearls.
Conclusions :
I. Some pearls are stones.
II. All diamonds are pearls.
(a) Only conclusion I follows
(b) Only conclusion II follows
(c) Both the conclusions I and II follows
(d) None of the conclusions follows
Ans: ( d ) None of the conclusions follows

Directions (Qs. 61?63) : These questions are
based on the following statements :
Raja and Baldev are good in Hockey and
Volleyball. Deepak and Raja are good in Hockey and
Baseball. Gurnam and Baldev are good in Cricket and
Volleyball. Deepak, Gurnam and Joseph are Good in
Football and Baseball.
61. Who is good in Baseball, Cricket, Volleyball and
(a) Raja
(b) Gurnam
(c) Baldev
(d) Deepak
Ans: ( b ) Gurnam

62. Who is good in Baseball, Volleyball and Hockey?
(a) Raja
(b) Gurnam
(c) Baldev
(d) Deepak
Ans: ( a ) Raja

63. Who is good in Hockey, Cricket and Volleyball?
(a) Raja
(b) Gurnam
(c) Baldev
(d) Deepak
Ans: ( c ) Baldev

64. The difference between the square of any two
consecutive integers is equal to
(a) An even number
(b) Difference of two numbers
(c) Product of two numbers
(d) Sum of two numbers
Ans: ( d ) Sum of two numbers

65. What is the greatest possible length of a scale
that can be used to measure exactly the following three
3m; 5m-10 cm; 12m-90 cm
(a) 30 cm
(b) 20 cm
(c) 25 cm
(d) 10 cm
Ans: ( a ) 30 cm

66. The HCF of two numbers is 96 and their LCM is
1296. If one number is 864, then what is the other number?
(a) 72
(b) 64
(c) 144
(d) 11664
Ans: ( c ) 144

67. A drum of water is 3/5 full. When 38 litres are
drawn from it, it is just 1/8 full. What is the total
capacity of the drum in litres?
(a) 100 litres
(b) 80 litres
(c) 85 litres
(d) 90 litres
Ans: ( b ) 80 litres

68. If the cost of telephone calls in a town is 30
paise per call for the first 100 calls, 25 paise per call
for the next 100 calls and 20 paise per call for calls
exceeding 200, then how many calls can be made in Rs. 50 ?
(a) 180
(b) 200
(c) 225
(d) 175
Ans: ( a ) 180

69. A reduction of Rs. 2 per kg in the price of sugar
enables a man to purchase 4 kg more sugar now in Rs. 16.
What was the original price of sugar?
(a) Rs. 16 per kg
(b) Rs. 8 per kg
(c) Rs. 4 per kg
(d) Rs. 2 per kg
Ans: ( c ) Rs. 4 per kg

70. 33% marks are required to pass an examination. A
candidate who gets 210 marks, fails by 21 marks. What are
the total marks for the examination ?
(a) 700
(b) 650
(c) 600
(d) 550
Ans: ( a ) 700

71. The ticket for admission to an exhibition was Rs. 5
and it was later reduced by 20%. As a result, the sale
proceeds of tickets increased by 44%. What was the
percentage increase in number of visitors?
(a) 50%
(b) 25%
(c) 75%
(d) 80%
Ans: ( d ) 80%

72. The average weight of 8 men is increased by 2 kg
when one man of 50 kg is replaced by a new man. What is
the weight of the new man?
(a) 58 kg
(b) 68 kg
(c) 60 kg
(d) 66 kg
Ans: ( d ) 66 kg

73. Nine men went to a hotel 8 of them spent Rs. 3 each
over their meals and the ninth person spent Rs. 2 more than
the average expenditure of all the nine. The total money
spent by all of them was
(a) Rs. 26
(b) Rs. 40
(c) Rs. 29.25
(d) Rs. 27.50
Ans: ( c ) Rs. 29.25

74. The sum of the present ages of A, B and C is 90
years. Six years ago, their ages were in the ratio of 1 :
2 : 3. What is the present age of C?
(a) 36 years
(b) 42 years
(c) 40 years
(d) 45 years
Ans: ( b ) 42 years

75. The sum of the salaries of ?A? and ?B? is Rs.
2,100. ?A? spends 80% of his salary and ?B? spends 70% of
his salary. If their savings are in the proportion of 4 :
3, then what is the salary of A ?
(a) Rs. 1400
(b) Rs. 1200
(c) Rs. 900
(d) Rs. 700
Ans: ( a ) Rs. 1400

76. Rs. 1,290 are divided between A, B and C such that
A?s share is 1 ½ times that of B and B?s share is 1 ¾ times
that of C. What is C?s hsare?
(a) Rs. 240
(b) Rs. 420
(c) Rs. 630
(d) Rs. 350
Ans: ( a ) Rs. 240

77. Five litres of water is added to a certain quantity
of pure milk, which costs Rs. 3 per litre. If the mixture
is sold at the same price of Rs. 3 per litre, a profit of
20% is made (ignore the cost of water). What is the amount
of pure milk in the mixture?
(a) 20 litres
(b) 28 litres
(c) 25 litres
(d) 30 litres
Ans: ( c ) 25 litres

78. Fifteen men working 8 hours a day take 21 days to
complete a work. How many days will be taken by 21 women
to complete the same work, working 6 hours a day? ( 3
women do as much work as 2 men).
(a) 25 days
(b) 30 days
(c) 33 days
(d) 28 days
Ans: ( b ) 30 days

79. ?A? can knit a pair of socks in 3 days. ?B? can
knit the same pair in 9 days. If they are knitting
together, then in how many days will they knit two pairs of
(a) 4 days
(b) 5 days
(c) 4 ½ days
(d) 3 days
Ans: ( c ) 4 ½ days

80. Two electronic music systems are bought for Rs.
8,000. One was sold at 40% profit and the other was sold
at 40$ loss. If the S.P. of both be same, then what was
the C.P. of both the systems ?
(a) Rs. 3000, Rs. 5000
(b) Rs. 4000, Rs. 4000
(c) Rs. 3500, Rs. 4500
(d) Rs. 2400, Rs. 5600
Ans: ( d ) Rs. 2400, Rs. 5600

81. If the marked price is 30% more than the C.P. and
10% discount is allowed on the marked price, then what will
be the gain %?
(a) 20%
(b) 15 ½%
(c) 17%
(d) 18 ½%
Ans: ( c ) 17%

82. A man has Rs. 2,000. Some portion of this amount,
he lends @ 5% p.a. S.I. and the remaining portion of the
same is lent at 4% p.a. S.I. He earns Rs. 96 in a year.
What amount was lent by him at 4%.
(a) Rs. 1200
(b) Rs. 600
(c) Rs. 400
(d) Rs. 1600
Ans: ( c ) Rs. 400

83. What sum will become Rs. 496 in 6 years @ 4% p.a. ?
(a) Rs. 500
(b) Rs. 400
(c) Rs. 460
(d) Rs. 456
Ans: ( b ) Rs. 400

84. A car covers a distance of 420 km at its normal
speed. If the speed of the car would have been 10 km/hr
more htan the normal speed, then it would have taken one
hour less to cover the same distance. What was the speed
of the car?
(a) 50 km/hr
(b) 40 km/hr
(c) 55 km/hr
(d) 60 km/hr
Ans: ( d ) 60 km/hr

85. A 110 m long train is running @ 60 km/hr. How
much time will it take to cover the 240 m long platform?
(a) 5 5/6 seconds
(b) 14 2/5 seconds
(c) 4 seconds
(d) 21 seconds
Ans: ( d ) 21 seconds

86. In a river, a man takes 3 hours in rowing 3 km
upstream or 15 km downstream. What is the speed of the
(a) 2 km/hr
(b) 4 km/hr
(c) 6 km/hr
(d) 9 km/hr
Ans: ( a ) 2 km/hr

87. A and B can cover a 200 m race in 22 seconds and 25
seconds respectively. When a finished the race, then B is
at what distance from the finishing line?
(a) 30 m
(b) 48 m
(c) 24 m
(d) 54 m
Ans: ( c ) 24 m

88. The difference between the circumference of a
circle and its radius is 37 metres. What is the radius of
the circle?
(a) 5 m
(b) 7 m
(c) 12 m
(d) 14 m
Ans: ( b ) 7 m

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Railway Recruitment Board (Chandigarh) Goods Guard Recruitment Exam May 2004 Question Paper..

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