What is the use of gui map and what happens when the gui map file get loaded?

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When it is appropriate to change physical description?

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What is the use of the "Find" Button in Gui Map Editor?

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how are objects identified by winrunner

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What are the functions generate when u use GUI Check point?give me some of ones?

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what is mean winrunner and load runner

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what is the purpose of '*', '&','.' symbols in Regular Expressions (winrunner)?

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what is TSL in winrunner

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Some of the importent functions in data driven test(ddt)?

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Where do we use Regular Expression? And what exactly Regular Expression means?

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Besides Record and Replay what else can we do with WinRunner?

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How do you create a startup script in winrunner and what is consists generally?

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In an Testing Interview, in winrunner the following question asked. what is the use of compile module? how u r implemnted these compile modules in ur project. give any TSL script of compile module?

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