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The relationship, V = IR, has been better defined as a
principle. The principle is:

(A) Ampere?s Law

(B) Biot Savart?s Law

(C) Law of Electro-magnetic Induction

(D) Ohm?s Law

The relationship, V = IR, has been better defined as a principle. The principle is: (A) Ampere?..

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( D ) Ohm?s Law

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Which of the following does not play a role in rural indebtedness? 1 Low income 2 unemployment 3 Use of high yielding variety of seeds 4 Natural calamities

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The 1995 Common Wealth Summit is proposed to be held in (1) Auckland (2) Melbourne (3) Cyprus (4) Rome

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The special status of Jammu and Kashmir implies that it has

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The mausoleum of Akbar at ??? is undoubtedly a fine specimen of Moghul art. (a) Secundera (b) Delhi (c) Fatehpur (d) Lahore

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A plant cell differs from an animal cell in the absence of: (A) mitochondria (B) centrioles (C) ribosomes (D) endoplasmic reticulum

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Gol Gumbaz, Bijapur, is a simple building in which four walls enclose a square hall and octagonal seven storeyed towers stand at each of the four corners. A remarkable feature of this building is its: (a) interior decoration (painting) (b) intricate carving on the towers (c) extraordinary acoustics (d) None of the above

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Supreme Command of all the three wings of the Indian armed forces is vested in the: (a) Prime Minister of India (b) President of India (c) Chief of the Army Staff (d) Defence Ministry

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A glass rod partially immersed in water obliquely appears to be bent due to (1) Reflection (2) Refraction (3) Parallel error (4) Diffraction

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?Astra? which was test-fired for the first time recently is India?s 1 Air to earth missile 2 Earth to air missile 3 Air to air missile 4 Sea missile capable to locate and destroy submarines

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The process by which vapour is converted to liquid is called: (a) condensation (b) dew point (c) condensation nuclei

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Which type of fire extinguisher is used for petroleum fire? 1 Foam type 2 Soda acid type 3 Powder type 4 None of these

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The dark lines in the solar spectrum are due to 1 Absorption of corresponding wavelengths by the prism used in he spectrograph 2 Destructive interference between waves of certain definite wavelengths 3 Absorption of corresponding wavelengths by the outer layers of the sun 4 None of these

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