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. Bauxite is used in:

(a) Aluminium Industry

(b) Steel Industry

(c) Vegetable Ghee Industry

(d) Cotton textile Industry

. Bauxite is used in: (a) Aluminium Industry (b) Steel Industry (c) Vegetable Ghee Industry..

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(a) Aluminium Industry

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Net National Product means 1 Gross National Product (GNP) minus cost of production 2 GNP minus Depreciation 3 GNP multiplied by market prices 4 GNP minus capital stock

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Under which Article of the constitution are the cultural and educational rights granted ? a) Art 29 & 31 b) Art 29 & 32 c) Art 29 & 30 d) Art 30 & 31

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Rocks made from particles of pre-existing rocks are called: (a) sedimentary (b) metamorphic (c) igneous (d) organic

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Why was the Guinea Bissau recently in the news? 1 There was a revolt against the Government in which rebel troops gained effective control of the country 2 There was a very severe earthquake in the country in which more than 50,000 people died 3 The Guinea Bissau was the venue of the recently-concluded Commonwealth Meet 4 None of these

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The Kalinga prize is given by which of the following organizations/world bodies? 1 UNICEF 2 UNESCO 3 IAEA 4 None of these

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The Treaty of Mangalore in 1784 terminated the: (a) First Maratha War (b) Second Mysore War (c) Second Maratha War (d) Third Mysore War

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. The foundation of modern educational system in India was laid by (a) The Chapter Act of 1813 (b) Macaulay’s Minutes of 1835 (c) The Hunter Commission of 1882 (d) Wood’s Despatch of 1854

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Mandal Panchayats were recommended by the 1 Ashok Mehta Committee 2 Balwant Rai Mehta Committee 3 Narsimham committee 4 Sarkaria Commission

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Which of the following is not true of 11th Lok Sabha which was dissolved recently? 1 This Lok Sabha had the shortest life 2 In its short duration, 4 non-confidence motions were moved 3 Four PMs were invited to form govt. 4 None of these

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According to the targets set by WHO, polio will be eradicated from the world by the end of which of the following years? 1 2000 2 2001 3 2002 4 2003

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If an apple is released from an orbiting spaceship. It will a) fall towards the earth b) move along with the spaceship at the same speed c) move at a higher speed d) move at a lower speed

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In a bee-hive, there is a division of labour. Workers which collect honey from flowers are 1 Males 2 Females 3 Sterile 4 Intersexes

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