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The phenomenon of radio-activity is related to :

(1) Amateur Radio

(2) Radio Astronomy

(3) Nucleus of an element

(4) Radiation

The phenomenon of radio-activity is related to : (1) Amateur Radio (2) Radio Astronomy (3) ..

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( 3 ) Nucleus of an element

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India's first Archaeological park is situated in (1) Delhi (2) Gujarat (3) Haryana (4) Andhra Pradesh

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?Eternal India? is the book written by: (a) Dr. S. Radhakrishnan (b) Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (c) Acharya Rajneesh (d) Mrs Indira Gandhi

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The Deputy Chairman is (a) Nominated by the Vice-President (b) Nominated by the President (c) Elected by the Members of the Rajya Sabha out of its members (d) Nominated by the Prime Minister

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The most ductile element is: (A) Gold (B) Silver (C) Iron (D) Aluminium

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Which of the folliwng is an element ? a) Ruby b) Sapphire c) Emerald d) Diamond

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One of the constituents of Gobar Gas is (1) Methane (2) Ethane (3) Carbon dioxide (4) Calcium sulphate

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What are the consequences of the price rise? (a) Adverse effect on investment (b) Adverse effect on balance of payment (c) Promotion of inequalities (d) All of these

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who is known as flying sikh in india

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On sudden cardiac arrest, which of the following is advised as a first step to revieve the functioning of human heart? 1 Sprinkling water on the face 2 Giving cool water to drink 3 Mouth to mouth resuscitation 4 Giving external cardiac message

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According to the targets set by WHO, polio will be eradicated from the world by the end of which of the following years? 1 2000 2 2001 3 2002 4 2003

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When President & Vice President put their papers together to whom they will submit?

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