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how to test background color and dynamic images during


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how to test background color and dynamic images during runtime..

Answer / gom

For Web Appln:
Set Search = Browser("name:=.*").Page
Set obj = Search.Object
BgColor = obj.currentStyle.backgroundColor
If BgColor <> "" Then
Msgbox "Pass"
Msgbox "Fail"
End If

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how to test background color and dynamic images during runtime..

Answer / sreeprasad

It is possible only in web applications using check

points we have to test the back ground colour and dynamic


for eg: Yahoomail page

back ground colour is blue

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how to test background color and dynamic images during runtime..

Answer / akshar jain

hi sreeprasad can u send s acript for the samea

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how to test background color and dynamic images during runtime..

Answer / satya

var=browser("gamil").page("gmail").image("tom and
jerry").get ro property("color")
msgbox var

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