What is API

What is API..

Answer / sreeprasad

Application program interface

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In a web site, Protocal has been changed http: to https: what is your approach?

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What is Virtual Users?

1 Answers   Crea,

What is the use of Testing framework in Automated testing..what are different kinds of Testing frameworks available in Automated testing...

1 Answers   IBM,

what happen in object repository(shared)if we call an existing action from an external action ? and what happen in object repository(peraction)if we call an existing action from an external action ?

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Is it possible to test Flat file using QTP? I have two file- first file is Input file and second file is output file. Input file has Format like first 2 field is record type, next 10 field is Description. Output file also has format. I want to check this file format using QTP. Is it possible?? please reply with example.

2 Answers   Wipro,

How do u retrieve data from a text file into different variables. i.e. in a text file named "source" , the data is like : india,1000,japan,200,china,50,singapore,45050 this is given in the first line of the text file. in the second line of the text file the dta is: sun,moon,planet,river,earth,water if u use "readline" method by using FSO concept u can retrieve the entire line in to a variable. but i want to import each field (ex: "india" in one variable, "1000" in another variable etc..). Apprecitae proper replies.

5 Answers   Semantic Space,

Lets say,flipkart website...in search button we have entered category[i.e watches] it displays some items...question is how to test price displayed each product is correct or not through qtp

1 Answers   Cap Gemini,

Can I import a excel sheet in Action1 datatable? How?

2 Answers   IBM,

wht is Manual Testing Frame work. Pls anybody can give appropriate answers

0 Answers   Satyam,

How extensive or customized are the server logging and reporting requirements; are they considered an integral part of the system and do they require testing?

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What is the difference between keyword view and expert view?

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Reverse string without mid or streverse function.

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