What is API

What is API..

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Application program interface

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I know the Basic QTP. But I wanted to learn descriptive programming in QTP. Without Object Repository how we can develop a script? I wanted to do one real time project using QTP. If you know this type of training is available in pune then let me know the address.

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6 Answers   Ordain Solutions,

what is option explicit?

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Which function is used to accesses the Properties from Repository Pls anybody can give the answer.. Thanks in advance...

2 Answers   Navis,

write vbscript on veb applications in qtp with exapmles?

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is the institute MindQ laid by Mr.Nageswar rao.. heard alot about Nageswar rao...can you briefly let me know about the Nageswar rao inst. and MinQ...THANX IN ADVANCE

44 Answers   InterGraph,

How you automate test scripts

1 Answers   Novartis,

X=10,Y=20 you need to swap the numbers without using a third variable?

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How we can add actions in the test using QTP?

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wht is Driver in Integration testing. Anubody can answers it

7 Answers   CTS,

How many scripts do you write per day. What is the average number of scripts you have written in your recent project

1 Answers   Value Labs, Optum, CenturyLink,

If I am scripting Web-based Surveys using QTP that open up differently but at the exact same point require a username and password can I automate that username and password for all the surveys some how using QTP?

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