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Anybody explain me, the concept of checkpoint

declaration in the QTP mainly for the Objects, Pages, Text

and Tables ?

Anybody explain me, the concept of checkpoint declaration in the QTP mainly for the Objects, Page..

Answer / sreeprasad

A checkpoint verifies that expected information is

displayed in a Application while the test is running. You

can add eight types of checkpoints to your test for

standard web objects using QTP. Object, Page and Table

checkpoints can be added using Standard check point.

1). A page checkpoint checks the characteristics of a


2). An object checkpoint (Standard) checks the values of an

object on a Application.

3). A table checkpoint checks information within a table on

a Application

4). A text checkpoint checks that a text string is displayed

in the appropriate place on a Application.

5).An image checkpoint checks the values of an image on a


6).An Accessiblity checkpoint checks the web page for

Section 508 compliance.

7).An XML checkpoint checks the contents of individual XML

data files or XML documents that are part of your Web


8).A database checkpoint checks the contents of databases

accessed by your web site

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